X-Cell is London's newest leading online "Reputation management " firm formed by crisis management experts focusing on resolving the 21st century issues threatening your business.

Unlike many traditional brand management professionals, we are press creation & release, search engine and social media experts who understand the power of the Internet in the type of exceptional circumstances facing you and your company. We can also help to to prevent as well as minimise negative throughout the web so your business can X-Cell.

X-Cell's reputation management PR solutions are created specifically to suit the 21st century issues surrounding corporations, groups, businesses and brands online. The syndication of online news stories, user generated content such as reviews, blogs, forums and social networking creates potential PR issues for all businesses.

Whilst in some cases it may be impossible to eliminate all online PR threats, it is possible in all cases to mitigate existing problems, minimise risk for future issues and in fact X-Cell your online reputation.

"is it time you X-Cell online"

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